Adult Classes

Evenings, 6pm-9pm

Monday May 23rd

Friday June 3rd

Monday June 6th

Monday June 13th

Monday June 27th.

Improv Group

Basics of Acting

With all of the productions popping up in ABQ, you may have thought to yourself, “that would be fun”…but then thought of the 5 million reasons why you can’t.


Now is the right time to realize that dream. This class is the perfect way to get started.


First of all - IT IS FUN.  When I first started acting it was all about the homework - breaking scenes down, figuring things out. Not in this class. You are on your feet and working every week. Improv games, cold reading, and scene work. No memorization, no rehearsing. The essential core of acting is listening, reacting, and simply being yourself. Feeling nervous and self conscious is common but obviously will impede any performance.

For beginners and anyone wanting to fortify their foundations

My years of training have provided me a way of getting actors to relax and open up to possibility. Most of all I love seeing what is holding an actor back and finding a creative way to just open up and allow a sense of freedom. 


No experience necessary, just a passion for acting and a willingness to play.

$250 for 5 classes

Tuesday Evenings


May 24th - June 28th

Happy Couple

Acting Phase 2

This class is a continuation for actors who have studied with me before, or those who have had some previous training. It is a combination of improv, scene study, and cold reading, plus some auditioning and monologues. 


Let's face it, every actor has a sweet spot, something they are great at which will get them cast. I am not really interested in practicing what you already know. Let's dig for the things you aren't as comfortable with. We dive deeper into character, relationships, how to get to emotion when you aren't feeling it and figuring out the moment before so you know how to jump into a scene.


My main outlook on acting is, it's supposed to be fun. I maintain that in my teaching process. The attitude of play allows you to open up, risk and experiment.  I am so looking forward to continuing our expansion.

So you've finished the Basics. Now what?

$300 for 6 classes

Thursday Evenings


May 26th - June 30th

$300 for 6 classes


Professional Scene Study
and Auditioning

My philosophy is that acting is an art. All too often actors take a class, and then sit and wait for the phone to ring. How will you ever be able to be ready for that big part if you are not working and perfecting your craft?

Every other art form has to continually work at their profession. Dancers, artists, sculpturers, musicians, and writers. The same is true for actors. This class will challenge and see how far you can stretch yourself. 

For working actors, and those stepping deeper into the industry

Too often when we are asked to audition, the fear blinds us into thinking about what “THEY” want. Or even worse, striving for perfection. Both of those approaches will essentially block out any individuality and leave your unique voice silent. Bringing forth what makes you YOU is the exactly what makes an actor stand out. 

I specialize in helping actors overcome their nerves and making strong choices that only you could make.


If you are stuck in rut, or just simply not booking enough, come play and expand your range. Stay sharp and be ready for that next big job. Plus, have a lot of fun.