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Because Art should be for Everyone
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Here at Actors Space, we believe that art is essential. That story-telling, and self-expression, are crucial parts of the human experience. That consuming art, and producing art, helps us become better versions of ourselves, and connects us more strongly to ourselves and to our communities. That has become even more clear after the challenges of the past several years.

So many of us have experienced setbacks, both personal and financial, during this time. Especially kids and teens, who've had so much taken away from them, for the sake of keeping others safe.

Here at Actors Space, we're already offering our acting classes at the lowest rate we can, in order to make them as doable as possible for as many as possible. BUT we also understand that even our current non-profit rates might be out of reach for some individuals and families. So, in our mission to help make art accessible to all, and in pursuit of our goals as a non-profit acting school, Actors Space is seeking to fund a number of scholarships for kids and teens from under-served communities.


If you are the parents of a young person who might need subsidizing to attend our classes, please contact us to placed on a list for future consideration. And you are in a position to donate, in order to make participation possible for a deserving young person, please consider donating to Actors Space - tax deductible under 501c3, thanks to sponsorship by FUSION

Our founder, Lauren Letherer will also be conducting some free, volunteer workshops at various schools in the ABQ area. So keep your eyes out for that!


Thank you for your generosity. Your gift allows us to open our arms, widen our circle, lift more voices, tell more stories. We couldn't do this without you.


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