an actor getting ready to act, with a film slate and a camera operator

On-Camera Acting - DROP IN!

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Thursday evenings, 6pm - 9pm

About This Class

By popular demand! Our On-Camera Professional Acting classes are now DROP-IN OPTIONAL - Join our on-going classes when your schedule allows at just $60 a class. On-Camera Acting for the working or soon-to-be-working professional, or those actors who are steeped in their craft and ready to level-up and get booked! This is our class for working actors who are regularly stretching their skills and keeping themselves sharp - And as always, here at Actors Space, we emphasize a belief in truth, instinct, impulse, and your own individual voice. Too often when we are asked to audition, the fear blinds us into thinking about what “THEY” want. Or even worse, striving for perfection. Both of those approaches will essentially block out any individuality and leave your unique voice silent. Bringing forth what makes you YOU is the exactly what makes an actor stand out. I specialize in helping actors overcome their nerves and making strong choices that only you could make. If you are stuck in rut, or just simply not booking enough, come play and expand your range. Stay sharp and be ready for that next big job. Plus, have a lot of fun.

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