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Our Mission

Actors Space is an educational non-profit, dedicated to bringing together the creative souls of ABQ, giving them a safe place to explore and expand. 

Exposing the commonality that we all share and the individuality that is yours alone.

Making art joyful, easy, and accessible to everyone.

About Lauren

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I grew up in ABQ, doing plays in a makeshift stage in my garage and dreaming of being an actor. In those days there was no outlet for my imaginative soul, so I had to wait until college to find my tribe.

I moved to CA to graduate from California Institute of the Arts, a school owned by Disney known for animation, directing, dance, art and acting. After graduating and watching my peers succeed, I became paralyzed by fear. I spent the next period of my life drowning in those crazy dark thoughts of simply not being enough convinced that others possessed a secret that somehow escaped me.

I discovered my love of teaching 11 years ago while working with the commercial casting director Craig Colvin, morphing from a casting assistant to a commercial acting coach. I then taught with the renowned coach Carolyne Barry. 

For 17 years I supported my theatre passion by doing over 40 commercials and voice overs.


But everything changed when I met Anthony Meindl in 2014. Working with him in his Master Class and then becoming a master teacher in 2016.

Actually finding acting fun again. A chance to explore and surprise yourself rather than executing a pre-designed plan which was what all my previous training had been about. No memorization. No homework, just breathing, listening and being. Being in the moment. Freedom in creativity. A breakthrough that allowed me to play rather than worrying if I was doing it “correctly”.

I love every aspect of acting., but most especially teaching. Being able to open up that part of a person that has been long buried because of society’s expectations. The willingness to play again, tap into that imagination.

Coming back to ABQ during the pandemic seemed like fate. I am lucky to have found a beautiful place to teach, and come back home to do what I love best. I am so excited to share my passion of the craft and find that kid-like joy hiding in all of us. 

If you have ever even THOUGHT about being an actor, or are pursuing your dream and feel stuck in a rut? This form of training is for you. I excel on getting actors out of their heads and keeping the nerves at bay. Combining improv, cold reading and scene study. Whether you are just starting or need to stretch your craft in a whole new way, there is nothing better.

Free auditing is highly encouraged. Or contact me and tell me what’s holding you back from pursuing your dream and I will talk you through it.


So looking forward to meeting you and getting a chance to play.


Lauren’s credits include the films, Die Hard 2, How We Work and To Leslie.

TV: Rebel, Hawaii Five-O, Criminal Minds, Roswell, Days of Our Lives, Jennifer Falls, and The Beach Boys.


Learn more about Lauren's extensive professional credits at 

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