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First-time actors warming up together, with an older woman laughing in delight

"Such a fun experience. It doesn't matter what you're looking for from Lauren's classes - confidence, playfulness, scratch a creative itch, or even pursuing a profession out of acting - Lauren offers tailored guidance for people of all skill levels. And she does it in such a warm way! Would highly recommend for all people on the fence!"
-Walter Yates, Acting Student

Adult Acting Basics

With all of the productions popping up in ABQ, you may have thought to yourself, “that would be fun”…but then thought of the 5 million reasons why you can’t. Now is the right time to realize that dream. This class is the perfect way to get started.


First of all - IT IS FUN. When I first started acting it was all about the homework - breaking scenes down, figuring things out. Not in this class. You are on your feet and working every week. Improv games, cold reading, and scene work. No memorization, no rehearsing. The essential core of acting is listening, reacting, and simply being yourself. Feeling nervous and self conscious is common but obviously will impede any performance.​

My years of training have provided me a way of getting actors to relax and open up to possibility. Most of all I love seeing what is holding an actor back and finding a creative way to just open up and allow a sense of freedom. No experience necessary, just a passion for acting and a willingness to play.

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