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"I learned more from Lauren in 6 WEEKS than I did in my entire BFA training. The energy she brings to class every week is infectious and you can't help but be happy while you're there. The Actors Space truly is a space that offers support, safety, authenticity, and encouragement for actors of all levels and I cannot wait to take another class with her."
-Jessica Nicole, Actor

Adult Continuing Actors

This class is a continuation for actors who have studied with me before, or those who have had some previous training. It is a combination of improv, scene study, and cold reading, plus some auditioning and monologues.


Let's face it, every actor has a sweet spot, something they are great at which will get them cast. I am not really interested in practicing what you already know. Let's dig for the things you aren't as comfortable with. We dive deeper into character, relationships, how to get to emotion when you aren't feeling it and figuring out the moment before so you know how to jump into a scene.


My main outlook on acting is, it's supposed to be fun! I maintain that in my teaching process. The attitude of play allows you to open up, risk and experiment. I am so looking forward to continuing our expansion.

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