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Our Classes

Actors Space offers acting classes for Adults and Teens, and for all experience levels from absolute beginners to working TV pros. Whatever your acting background, dreams, and career goals, we have a fit for you. And we love newbies!

We offer free audits for all of our active classes - But if we are between sessions, or if you prefer, you can also schedule a free 15 minute zoom with Lauren herself, to answer any questions or hesitations.

And if you already know where you want to start - sign up now, before spaces run out! We can't wait to welcome you to class.

Lauren Teaching and Laughing with two beginning acting students

For beginning actors - no experience necessary, no rehearsal or outside work required! 

Adult Basics
Saturday Mornings 9am-12noon

For actors who have worked with Lauren before, or who have some experience under their belt.

Adult Continuing
A - Monday Nights 6pm-9pm
B - Tuesday Nights 6pm-9pm
Actor_s Audition_edited.jpg

For the working, professional actor, or those students who are ready to make a leap in their careers.

Professional Scene Study
& Auditioning
Thursday Nights 6pm-9pm
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