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Trina Snow Low Res 388.jpg

Lauren taught me to stop practicing self-judgment which allowed me to be more present as an actor.  She pushed me to trust myself and find joy in the work.  I love that she is a working actor. And she cares about her students.

Trina Snow
Retired Marine, Writer, Actor - Common Interest Development

Lauren is a phenomenal teacher and human! She is the master of creating a warm, safe environment while also gently challenging each student to reach their own unique potential. Her deep well of empathy, respect, and knowledge informs her dynamic and collaborative teaching style. Her patient, joyful guidance, keen directorial eye, and exceptional ability to truly listen allows her actors the freedom to explore fully embodied performing. She teaches with her whole heart, and I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity I had to study with her. 

Sara. S
Actor, Student

Kristen Vangsness small.jpg

Lauren is an extraordinarily talented teacher. Her feedback is spot on and her ability to find new things both in the text and in the actor is remarkable. She is a beautiful combo of incredibly gentle and completely direct. Whenever I have Lauren coach me for an audition I feel super confident, extra ready and excited about my work. 

Kirsten Vangsness
Actor - Penelope Garcia in Criminal Minds
Writer - Theo, Cleo and Wu

Lauren is my to-go coach in LA. Any audition I might feel I struggle with, Lauren always finds the specificity that my tape needed to stand out.

Manuel Uriza
Actor - Narcos: Mexico, Gentefied, Rambo: Last Blood, NCIS, Snowfall, The Last Ship, Better Call Saul, and more...

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Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at 3.29.57 PM.png

Working with Lauren Letherer improved how I approach my work as an actor. I’ve learned you can’t be intimidated by the process or the work that goes into bringing a role or character to life. So from our breathing exercises, to our movement & voice work, and to learning how to genuinely make an authentic connection with another actor via active listening — these are just some of the skills & techniques I developed further while training with Lauren. I highly recommend this incredible actor & acting coach

Jameson Cherilus
Actor - PozRoz, The Woman In The Red Dress

Jameson Cherilus.jpg
Alina Phelan.jpg

Lauren is my go-to... for just about everything really, but acting - for sure! She has coached me on so many auditions over the years, and also helped me with the roles I’ve played in theatre and on tv/film. 

She always knows how to get me unstuck, knows when I’m in my head and how to get me out of it, and encourages me in a way that lets me know I’m on the right track.


Anyone lucky enough to work with her will remember her encouraging words and permission to fearlessly go after what you want.

Alina Phelan
TV/Film: NCIS, Lucifer, How To Get Away With Murder, Shrek 2
Theatre - CTG, Theatre of Note, Open Fist


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