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How to Reignite that Creative Fire

Perhaps it is the weather in March. That weird time between winter and spring, when the world really can’t seem to make up its mind whether or not to warm up. The grey skies seem endless and somehow tends to seep into your skin.

We all wait for a change. To shed our sweaters and feel the sun.

I believe our creativity has those hibernation periods too. Where you wonder if you’ll ever book another job, or actually question whether you are any good at all.

So - what to do?

Maybe the biggest hurdle is to not try and take on the world all at once, but start small.

The easiest way to self-sabotage is to locate a problem and then immediately try to change everything at once. It is commendable but leads quickly to discouragement.

So let yourself start small.

A nice way to envision a shift into being, is to think about times in the past when you were passionate about something. When art or an endeavor felt easy and fun. There is no forcing or manipulating art. It comes from joy and being open. Oftentimes you are not even aware of what it is that needs to be expressed.

So? Change it up. Do something different. Your creative soul needs a different perspective.

Go plant something.

Cook a delicious meal.

Take a walk.

Make plans to hang out with someone who inspires you.

Take a nap. (Yes, in the middle of the day, especially if you're busy)

Try something you’ve never done before.

Drive some place beautiful.

Paint a picture.

Take a class. In anything.

I think there are times when we all just need to shake things up. And then new things can grow.

Your creative soul will thank you.

Here is wishing you all a sunny, and productive spring.


If you're looking for a safe space and a warm community in which to reignite your love of art, I have a bunch of new classes starting in April. Why not check them out? Or sign up for a free 15-minute zoom to chat about your acting questions.

And as always - contact me if I can help soothe any worries or fears.

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